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Oh, us?

Since you ask, Bazaar Queenstown is the result of an insatiable appetite for new experiences, new flavours and New Zealand. We’ve created a one-of-a-kind dining room where the generosity, bustle and discovery of the marketplace is paired with a gourmand’s attention to detail.

We believe dining starts with the eyes, and should involve all the senses. With a gorgeous interior, extraordinary views and its unique bazaar layout, this vibrant banquet is the opposite of passive dining. What’s special about Bazaar Queenstown? Our guests can hold delicacies from either side of the world in each hand and stroll between their courses.

Service is anything but glacial, with our culinary guides standing by to chat through each dish, pair it with the right glass of wine, and make the physicality of choosing, tasting and appreciating all part of a peak dining experience.

Looking forward to meeting you,
The Bazaar Team

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